Monarch Painting transforms your home with a vibrant new look. From your bedrooms, hallways, and kitchen to your garage, exterior siding and deck, discover how fresh, clean paint or a new color can revitalize your home. Our skillful craftsmanship, well-engineered processes, and customer service deliver the highest quality painting experience. 



We will move large furniture to the middle of the room and cover with clean plastic. The floors will then be covered with drop cloths.  We fill holes and cracks. Prime and seal any stains and sand any necessary surfaces.  We then prime any necessary surfaces and apply premium quality top coat paint to create a beautiful uniform finish.  We then remove all our coverings and move furniture back to the original positions. We then clean any surfaces needed.  We then do a walk through so you can see our final product and provide any feedback.




We pressure wash your home to remove dirt and mildew.  We will do all the necessary caulking, scraping, sanding, masking, priming, wire brushing, and puttying that needs to be done on your home to ensure that our job is a quality one and that it exceeds your expectations.  After painting is complete we remove any plastic, tape, or protective coverings and make sure you are completely satisfied with the end product.